Marcia Internazionale NONviolenta Nizza-Roma-Atene

Dopo le manifestazioni di violenza a Roma il 15 Ottobre, l'Agorà Intenrazionale di Bruxelles, il 16 ottobre, ha deciso di continuare la "Marcia pacifica" cominciata in Spagna a giugno, proseguita verso la Francia da luglio in poi e terminata a Bruxelles l'8 ottobre. La Marcia prosegue dunque verso quelle città che sono state più colpite dai conflitti violenti.

Lo scopo principale di questa marcia è di rivendicare e diffondere i valori di una "democrazia reale" in Europa, nel mondo e dunque in ogni singolo paese. Essa denuncia la grave situazione cui ci hanno condotto i governi condizionati dalla grande finanza e promuove l'aggregazione politica democratica, apartitica e nonviolenta di tutte quelle persone vittime di tali ingiustizie, ossia la maggioranza della popolazione mondiale.

Tanti popoli diversi uniti in un unico popolo della democrazia reale!

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In March to Athens on 7 February 2012 at 21:11
March to Athens
Day 92-XVIII, from Qualiano to Naples, 12 km.
Naples, February 7
Dear people,
This morning police escorted us in small groups to the local bar to take a cappuccino. It’s one of those things that I like about this march. Nothing is normal. For us, every day is extraordinary. Yesterday evening before we went to sleep, the police officer on duty asked us if there was something he could do for us. Jokingly, we requested sweet pastries and cappuccino for breakfast. It turned out he took us seriously.
After breakfast we walk in group and we sing. Today is more special than usual. Today we reach Naples.
All along the route through the colourful outskirts people look us on, they join their hands to make the typical Italian sign that means ‘what the hell?’. We tell them about the march, about Athens, and they smile. It’s a smile of appreciation, and one that says ‘you’re completely out of your mind.’
We arrive at Capodimonte where we enjoy a first view of the city. We see the Vesuvius. Very timidly and very briefly, it snows. Last time that happened here was in 1986. It must be a good sign.
In a world where all countries and all cities tend to resemble each other, Naples is in a league of its own. Nothing compares to this city, nothing compares to her character. She’s the best, and she’s the worst. Like women, you can never fully understand Naples. You can only adore her, e basta.
We descend over the central Via Toledo, we are received by local indignados who accompany us to the landmark Piazza del Gesù, where we had decided to camp.
Immediately upon arrival, the tents are deployed, for the first time since Sperlonga. There is an army jeep with three soldiers guarding the square. They are bewildered, but they like us right from the start.
Accampata Napoli @ Piazza del Gesù
Only when police arrive there is a bit of tension. Obviously they didn’t expect us. They say we can’t camp here, and they do so in an authoritative way. It’s against the rules.
The rules! If we played by the rules, we wouldn’t have started a revolution. We reply in an equally authoritative tone. ‘Do whatever you want to do, but we’re here and we’re staying.’ In the background, the soldiers giggle.
Police march off. There’s heavy telephone traffic going on with headquarters. An hour later they return. We can officially stay.
The first popular assembly we held in the square was a big success. There are lots of locals passing by, and almost all of them stop to see what’s going on. Many of them join the assembly.
We introduced ourselves, we spoke about our dreams, and we received invitations to a popular dinner and to a hold an assembly in the university. But when we invited people to speak about the problems of Naples, no-one dared to dig into it, like we expected.
Still, we launched a challenge. For ourselves and for the Neapolitans. In a few days we intend to organise a thematical assembly on what I called ‘the business of trash’, and the role of the camorra.
I’m curious to see what’ll happen. First thing, we decided to install a night watch…
Popular assembly in Naples
'Saviano is not alone. No to the Camorra'

“La Police Avec Nous”

In March to Athens on 6 February 2012 at 21:55
March to Athens
Day 91-XVII, from Castelvolturno to Qualiano, 24 km.
Qualiano, February 6
Dear people,
We’ve returned to the known world. Here there’s just the trash and the general absence of hope. We know now that things could be a lot worse.
This is a northern suburb of Naples, and we shouldn’t be here. We were supposed to go to a tiny place called Zaccaria. But it turned out none of the locals had ever heard of it. So we walked on, arriving after dark in the nearest inhabited place we could find.

Preparing to go, observed by the blacks of the immigrant centre

Marching through the trash.
We were received by the police. Not with clubs and guns, but with pizza, pastries and wine. It caused a bit of embarassment among some of us, and hilarity among others. We were offered to stay in the aula for official events, and in the end we accepted.
For us as revolutionaries it’s a bit difficult to explain that we are guests of the police without there being bars between them and us. But we don’t worry too much about it. The pizza is good and outside it’s cold, menacing snow, and in such a situation we are easily corruptible as well.

And this.
In any case, it’s true that the police in Italy have a lot to complain about. Budget cuts mostly. When things are going bad economically, it’s natural for governments to cut spending on education and health care. But when spending on police is cut, things are going really bad. Part of the police officers have short term contacts. Part of the vehicles can’t be used because there is no money for fuel.
In the beginning of the march, so I heard, police were pretty invasive. They stopped the group almost every day to control identity papers. Then one day, the walkers decided they wouldn’t show them.

Camping in the police aula
“Take us all away if necessary, or do whatever you need to do, but we won’t comply.” In the face of this collective refusal, the active officer called his superiors. Shortly after, the march could continue.
Police didn’t ask papers after that anymore. They are always helpful, but never before have they received us this way.
After we had installed our shopping carts, our sleeping bags and our field kitchen in the police aula, we also received a visit from the town council. They congratulated us briefly, and after witnessing a piece of our turbulent internal assembly, they left, wishing us good luck.

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    • mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012 alle ore 10.00
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  • Dove
  • Descrizione

    PROGRAMMA DELL'AGORA: Dettagli in fase di elaborazione

    7 Gennaio: Accoglienza e Assemblea interna di conoscenza

    8 Gennaio: Pomeriggio: Assemblea con la cittadinanza all'Arco di Costantino

    9 Gennaio: Ponte Galeria - azione al Cie e assemblea tematica sull'immigrazione

    10 Gennaio: Malagrotta, sito della più grande discarica europea - assemblea tematica sui rifiuti

    11 Gennaio: Centro - Conferenza stampa
    Assemblea inaugurale in cui si discute della
    situazione del movimento nei vari Paesi.

    12 Gennaio : Centro - Pomeriggio: Laboratorio teorico e pratico di nonviolenza attiva

    13 Gennaio: Piazza dell'Esquilino - Pomeriggio: Assemblea tematica su sovranità alimentare e questione agricola.

    14 Gennaio: Centro - Mattina: Assemblea tematica sul reddito sociale e sullo sciopero generale
    - Pomeriggio: assemblea tematica sul debito (saranno invitati a partecipare economisti indipendenti, per confrontare teorie e confrontarsi con le urgenze delle persone)

    15 Gennaio: Centro - Mattina: Assemblea Gruppi Italiani di Occupy
    - Pomeriggio:Giornata di azione globale "Carnevale del sistema"

    16 Gennaio: Centro - Assemblea tematica sulle disabilità (coinvolgimento di un professore universitario che si occupa di pet therapy).

    17 Gennaio: Centro - Assemblea di chiusura
    smontaggio campo

    18 Gennaio: Ciampino - trasferimento a Ciampino
    assemblea tematica sul diritto ad abitare e sul diritto d cittadinanza

    Nei momenti liberi dell'11 (da stabilire se mattina o pomeriggio), del 12 (mattina) e del 13 (mattina) si lascerà spazio a chi vorrà organizzare un atelier/gruppo di lavoro in cui sviluppare un argomento specifico; l'interessato si occuperà personalmente di coinvolgere le persone presenti.

    La Piazza centrale inserita nei giorni centrali dell'Agorà non è specificata per motivi tecnici, ma il luogo è già stato individuato.

    Il time table provvisorio prevede, ogni giorno, due momenti fissi: ogni mattina (salvo presenza in programma di altre iniziative), assemblea interna dei Movimenti internazionali (incontro su strategie, giornate comuni, tecniche di diffusione e di comunicazione interna); ogni sera, dopo cena, Assemblea di Verifica della giornata.

    La settimana dall’11 al 18 gennaio vedrà arrivare a Roma la Marcia Popolare Internazionale partita da Nizza: persone provenienti da Francia, Belgio, Spagna, Italia e Grecia in cammino insieme per portare sostegno nei riguardi di tutti i popoli in lotta e creare una convergenza delle loro problematiche a livello internazionale.La marcia lungo il suo percorso ha aiutato la generazione di assemblee popolari ponendosi come obiettivo principale esortare alla libertà di parola, per riappropriarsi della politica attraverso l‘incontro, lo scambio, la testimonianza e la messa in discussione, provocando una riflessione individuale e collettiva al fine che siano proposte delle soluzioni alternative al sistema capitalista .
    Un incontro nato come conseguenza di questo momento storico, rivoluzionario e senza precedenti in tutto il mondo. Ci unisce il tentativo di capire le cause di questa situazione drammatica che ci porta verso un futuro incerto, e il tentativo comune di contribuire al cambiamento nella società e nella coscienza sociale.
    La finalità dell’incontro è la coordinazione di questa ri-evoluzione a livello internazionale, mediante la formazione di una rete che ci permetta di costruire una società che dia priorità alla vita prima che agli interessi economici o politici.
    Noi lavoriamo per una democrazia diretta, fondata sul principio dell'orizzontalità, per contrastare il potere decisionale della cosiddetta democrazia rappresentativa, retta dalla speculazione finanziaria globale.
    Tutto ciò passa necessariamente per una nuova percezione dello spazio e del tempo, attraverso la riappropriazione dello spazio pubblico come luogo comune di vita, di dialogo permanente, di creatività artistica e di libertà d’ espressione nel rispetto dell' ambiente.
    La nostra metodologia é pacifica e nonviolenta ma ferma e determinata. Noi ci appelliamo alla disobbedienza civile, basandoci per le nostre azioni non più su ciò che é legale o illegale bensì su ciò che ci appare legittimo od illegittimo.

    In questa settimana i quartieri della capitale si riempiranno di agora, dibattiti e proposte, su molteplici fori tematici, azioni, performance, attività culturali, gruppi di lavoro, assemblee itineranti, e laboratori .

    During the week of 11 to 18 January, the international people's March, which left from Nice, will arrive in Rome: walkers from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece marching together to bring their support to all peoples in struggle, and to bring about a convergence of all their concerns at an international level. Along its way, the march contributed in setting up popular assemblies, with the liberation of speech as its paramount ambition, to properly reclaim the political realm through encounters, exchanges of stories and interrogations, and to spark individual and collective reflection, so that alternatives may emerge to the dead-end of Capitalism.

    This meeting is the result of a historic revolutionary situation, which is unprecedented in its worldwide character. What unites us is the endeavour to understand the causes of this dramatic situation and the uncertain future towards which it leads us, as well as the common effort to realise meaningful change in society and achieve a true shift in social consciousness.
    The purpose of this meeting is the coordination of this fledging global revolutionary movement, through the formation of a network which would allow us to build a society that prioritises life over economic or political concerns.
    We strive for the erection of a direct democracy, founded on the principle of horizontality, and destined to counter the power of decision of so-called 'representative democracy,' which is ultimately ruled by the power of globalised financial speculation.
    All this ineluctably rests on a new perception of space and time, and especially the reclaiming of public space as a place for common existence, permanent dialogue, artistic creativity and freedom of speech, a space self-managed and respectful of Mother Nature.
    Our approach is pacific, but firm and determined. We urge for civil disobedience, basing our actions not on their legality or illegality, but rather upon concerns of legitimacy or illegitimacy.

    This week of agora will see the streets of the capital swarmed with debates and proposals, with multiple thematic fora, street actions, performances, cultural activities, working groups, touring assemblies and laboratories.

    La semana del 11 al 18 de enero llegará a Roma la Marcha Popular Internacional que comenzó en Niza: la gente de Francia, Bélgica, España, Italia y Grecia en un viaje juntos para brindar apoyo a todos los pueblos en conflicto y crear una convergencia entre todos sus problemas a un nivel internacional. La marcha, por el camino, ha ayudado a generar las asambleas populares poniendose como principal objetivo fomentar la libertad de expresión, para recuperar la política a través de la reunión, el intercambio, el testimonio y el cuestionamiento, provocando una reflexión individual y colectiva con el fin de que se propongan soluciones alternativas al sistema capitalista.
    Un encuentro que nació como resultado de este momento histórico, revolucionario y sin precedentes en todo el mundo. Lo que nos une es el intento de comprender las causas de esta situación dramática que nos lleva a un futuro incierto, y el esfuerzo común para lograr un cambio en la sociedad y la conciencia social.
    El propósito de la reunión es la coordinación de este nuevo desarrollo en ámbito internacional, a través de la formación de una red que nos permite construir una sociedad que da prioridad a la vida antes que a los intereses económicos o políticos.
    Trabajamos por una democracia directa, basada en el principio de la horizontalidad, para hacer frente al poder de decisión de la asi llamada democracia representativa, que se rige por la especulación financiera global.
    Todo eso pasa necesariamente por una nueva percepción del espacio y el tiempo, a través de la reapropiación del espacio público como un lugar común de la vida, de diálogo permanente, de creatividad artística y de libertad de expresión en relación con el medio ambiente.
    Nuestra metodología es pacífica y no violenta, pero firme y decidida. Hacemos un llamado a la desobediencia civil, basando nuestras acciones ya no en lo que es legal o ilegal, sino en lo que parece legítimo o ilegítimo.

    En esta semana los barrios de la capital estaran llenos de agora, debates y propuestas sobre muchos foros temáticos, acciones, espectáculos, actividades culturales, talleres, asambleas itinerantes y laboratorios.

    La semaine du 11 au 18 janvier arrivera à Rome la Marche populaire internationale partie de Nice : des personnes venant de France, Belgique, Espagne, Italie et Grèce marchant ensemble pour apporter leur soutien à tous les peuples en lutte, et créer une convergence entre toutes leurs problématiques à un niveau international.La marche, tout au long de son chemin, a contribué à à générer des assemblées populaires, se donnant comme objectif premier de libérer la parole, pour se réapproprier le politique par la rencontre, l’échange, le témoignage et le questionnement, amenant une réflexion individuelle et collective afin que des alternatives à l’impasse du système capitaliste puissent émerger.
    Cette rencontre découle d'une conjoncture historique, révolutionnaire et sans précédent de par son caractère mondial. Ce qui nous unit, c'est la tentative de comprendre les causes de la situation dramatique qui nous mène à un avenir incertain, et c'est l'effort commun pour obtenir un changement dans la société et la conscience sociale.
    L'objet de cette réunion est la coordination de ce mouvement révolutionnaire naissant au niveau international, par la formation d'un réseau nous permettant de construire une société donnant la priorité à la vie plutôt qu'aux intérêts économiques ou politiques.
    Nous oeuvrons à la construction d’une démocratie directe, fondée sur le principe de l’horizontalité, destinée à contrer le pouvoir décisionnel de la prétendue démocratie représentative régie par la spéculation financière mondialisée.
    Tout cela passe nécessairement par une nouvelle perception de l'espace et du temps, à travers la réappropriation de l'espace public comme lieu commun de vie, de dialogue permanent, de créativité artistique et de liberté de parole, autogéré dans le respect de la nature.
    Notre démarche est pacifique mais ferme et déterminée. Nous pronons la désobéissance civile, nous éloignant de la question de la légalité et de l'illégalité, pour nous consacrer à celle de la légitimité et de l'illégitimité.

    Cette semaine d'agora verra les quartiers de la capitale s'emplir de débats et de propositions, de multiples foros thématiques, d'actions, de performances, d'activités culturelles, de groupes de travail, d'assemblées itinérantes et de laboratoires.

    Την εβδομάδα από 11 ως 18 Ιανουαρίου θα φτάσει στη Ρώμη η Διεθνής Λαϊκή Πορεία που ξεκίνησε από τη Νίκαια : άνρθωποι προερχόμενοι από τη Γαλλία, το Βέλγιο, την Ιταλία, την Ισπανία και την Ελλάδα ενωμένοι για να υποστηρίξουν όλους τους λαούς που βρίσκονται σε δύσκολη θέση και να δημιουργήσουν σύγκλιση όλων των προβληματικών τους σε διεθνές επίπεδο. Στο δρόμο, η πορεία βοήθησε να γίνουν οι λαϊκές συνελέυσεις θέτοντας ως βασικό στόχο την ενθάρρυνση της ελευθερίας έκφρασης, για να ξαναβρούμε την πολιτική μέσω της συνάθροισης, της ανταλλαγής απόψεων της μαρτυρίας και της αμφισβήτησης, προκαλώντας ατομική και συλλογική σκέψη με σκοπό την πρόταση εναλλακτικών λύσεων στο καπιταλιστικό σύστημα.

    Η Αγορά :

    Μια συνάντηση που γεννήθηκε ως αποτέλεσμα αυτής της ιστορικής στιγμής, επαναστικής και χωρίς προηγούμενα σε ολόκληρο τον κόσμο. Αυτό που μας ενώνει είναι η επιδείωξη να καταλάβουμε τις αιτίες της δραματικής αυτής κατάστασης που μας οδηγεί σε ένα αβέβαιο μέλλον, και η κοινή προσπάθεια για να πετύχουμε μια αλλαγή στην κοινωνία και στην κοινωνική συνείδηση.

    Ο αντικειμενικός σκοπός της συνάθροισης είναι ο συντονισμός της νέας αυτής ανάπτυξης διεθνώς με το σχηματισμό ενός δικτύου που θα μας επιτρέπει να χτίσουμε μια κοινωνία που δίνει προτεραιότητα στη ζωή παρά στα οικονομικά και πολιτικά συμφέροντα.

    Εργαζόμαστε για μια άμεση δημοκρατία, βασιζόμενη στην αρχή της οριζόντιας οργάνωσης, για να αντιτεθούμε στην εξουσία της λεγόμενης αντιπροσωπευτικής δημοκρατίας, η οποία κυβερνάει με την παγκόσμια οικονομική κερδοσκοπία.

    Όλα αυτά αναγκαστικά περνάνε από μία νέα αντίληψη του χώρου και του χρόνου, μέσω της επανάκτησης του δημόσιου χώρου ως κοινού τόπου ζωής, συνεχούς διαλόγου, καλλιτεχνικής δημιουργικότητας και ελευθερίας έκφρασης σε σχέση με το περιβάλλον.

    Η μεθοδολογία μας είναι ειρηνική και όχι βίαιη. σταθερή όμως και αποφασιστική. Καλούμε σε πολιτική ανυπακοή. βασίζοντας πλέον τις πράξεις μας όχι στο τί είναι νόμιμο ή παράνομο. αλλά σ' αυτό που φαίνεται θεμιτό ή αθέμιτο.

    Την εβδομάδα αυτή οι συνοικίες της πρωτεύουσας θα είναι γεμάστες από "αγορές". συζητήσεις και προτάσεις σε πολλά θεματικά "φόρουμ" δράσεις, θεάματα, καλλιτεχνικές εκδηλώσεις, ομάδες εργασίας, περιοδεύουσες συνελεύσεις και εργαστήρια.